If you get RNF3751 'External procedure on prototype for main procedure is not the same as actual external name' when trying to call an RPG using free format, check you procedure interface. Your PR and your PI need to match! eg For program myrpg01 d myrpg01 pr d parm 1A d myrpg01 pi d parm 1A then to call either CALLP myrpg01('MYPARM'); or just
SetLL opcode is used to position the pointer to desired position in file and the ReadE opcode to process the group of records. When the desired group exists, the routine works fine. When the desired group doesn't exists, so SetLL opcode points the file before the next group, subsequent ReadE opreration returns the records from

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rpgle setll, Mar 26, 2001 · If you have a file with a key that is not unique, and you are trying to reach the last record of a particular key value, the traditional technique used in RPG is SETGT followed by REDPE.
Feb 07, 2012 · Richard Bryant Successful business analyst with over 20 years of experience in IBM Midrange Systems Design, Installation, Management and Administration with a unique combination of expertise in PC hardware/software, IBM AS/400 hardware/software, ERP software, EDI, Networking and Telecommunications.

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Q: Figurative constants in RPGLE? *HIVAL, *LOVAL, *ZERO, *ZEROS, *BLANKS, SETLL, SETGT. Q: Give an sample code for RPGLE free format Call program. D NAME S 30A INZ('AS400') D AGE S 3S 0 INZ(21) D PROGRAMB PR EXTPGM('PROGRAMB')
In Free-format, the KLIST/KFLD statements are no longer necessary. You use what's called "ad hoc key lists" instead. To do that you enclose the key fields that would normally appear on the KLIST/KFLD statements in parentheses. The keylist has to contain a field count that is less than or equal to the number of key fields defined in the file.

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rpgle setll, The SETLL and READE is good only for situations where you need to read a group of records with the same propertie The below program is for fetching Employee Name and Employee Salary based on the Employee Number Entered through the screen.
Ü SETLL (E) (Set Lower Limit) · SETLL sets the file pointer at the first occurrence of the record where the key field/RRN value is greater than or equal to the factor-1 search argument value. · After positioning the file pointer we can go for any file operation e.g. READ, READP,READPE, READE. If the SETLL operation is not successful (no records found condition), the file is positioned to the end of the file.

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- Develop an RPGLE user defined function - Develop a program using RDp (Rational Developer for Power Systems) - Design, code, test and debug procedural programs using sequential and random file updates, program using interactive screens, multi-file I/O, tables and arrays, and data structures
Business Logic will appear clean in Free Format and can save the number of lines coded compared to Fixed Format. New Features to Free Format: Defining Keys directly in Chain/Setll instead of maintaining the KLIST.

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The DDS in Figure 2 shows file CUSTMSTL1, in which the FORMAT keyword names CUSMSTL to supply the record format. The record format name must be RECORD1, the same as the record format name shown in Figure 1. Because the files are sharing the same format, both files have fields Cust, Name, Addr, and Search in the record format.
With all respect, Scott, setll followed by %found() will tell you if any records in the file exist with a key >= to the one you specified. So setll *loval followed by %found() will tell you if any non-null records are in the file. I've used it for 20 years, works perfectly. My mistake was expecting setll *start to behave the same way.

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SETLL just changes the position of the file where the next read will take place. SETLL *START positions to the start of the file, it does not check if there are records. SETLL *LOVAL positions to wherever *LOVAL equates to.
Jan 27, 2010 · Free format is allowed Built-in-functions are available. In case of ILE we have the concept of ACTIVATION GROUP. ... With help of op-code SETLL from RPG/RPGLE, it ...

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• Be aware of free format alternatives to H, F, D, P specifications: CTL, DCL-xx Statements • Understand the difference between RPG & RPGLE source type • Understand the difference between fixed and free-format code • Edit, compile and run a simple RPGLE Program • Print source code and review compiled program code
OPEN, SETGT, SETLL on successful operations, sets %EOF=*OFF. %FOUND(filename) The format of this built in function is: %FOUND{(file_name)} %FOUND returns ‘1’ if the recent operation finds a relevant/matching record; yet it is not necessary that there will be exact match. If the match is not found then it returns ‘0’.

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Nov 04, 2014 · The output block is no longer required in an RPG program, nor is it commonly used. Before the free-format was implemented into RPG IV, the output block was denoted by the character ‘O’ and contained the code used to direct the printer or screen how to display the data (RPG IV Programming on the AS/400).
Q: I've been tasked with converting a character representation of a binary number to it's decimal equivalent and vice versa. For example I have a series of nine characters '001011101' and I'm suppose to get the AS/400 to come up with 93.

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The SETLL operation * positions the file before the first record of a file in * ascending order. The READ operation reads the first record * (key value 97). C C *LOVAL SETLL RECDA C READ RECDA 64 C * This example shows the use of *HIVAL. The SETGT operation * positions the file after the last record of a file in ascending * order.
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If you are only interested in verifying that a key actually exists, SETLL with an equal indicator (positions 75-76) or the %EQUAL built-in function is a better performing solution than the CHAIN operation in most cases. Under special cases of a multiple format logical file with sparse keys, CHAIN can be a faster solution than SETLL.
Can someone give me an example of using SETLL and READE to find a duplicate record for a keyed field. Currently the file I am working with has 3 keyed fields. The field I am looking for duplicates in is the second key in sequence. I am not sure how to code this in free format, where I use READE and SETLL to find duplicate records.
Lesen von PF im RPGLE-freien Format Kann mir jemand ein Beispiel für die Verwendung von SETLL und READE geben, um einen doppelten Datensatz für ein Schlüsselfeld zu finden? Derzeit hat die Datei, mit der ich arbeite, 3 Schlüsselfelder.

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